About Us

Welcome to Bon Adventure!

That’s me in the photo – the founder of Bon Adventure – Eva. This is one of the scariest moments in my life – abseiling from a 30m high cliff in Australia. When you overcome your biggest fear it feels like anything is possible. Couple of minutes after this photo was taken I decided that opening my own travel company in Latvia wouldn’t be that scary. After all I’ve been working in the tourism industry for 9 years as a professional tour guide and tour planer. All the traditional tourism spots in Latvia are definitely worth to visit, but I have decided to show my guests what other attractions and activities we have in Latvia without Turaida castle and Rundale palace. 
Bon Adventure gives you the opportunity to experience Latvia in a bit different way – yoga class on the beach, secret art exhibition, Latvian style nature spa and many more. I have chosen some of my favourite places and things to do where I’ve been with my family and friends. I believe some of the experiences won’t be as scary as abseiling from a cliff, but will give you something just as memorable. Activities are carefully planned with a cooperation with yoga teachers, jewellery artist and other amazing people.

Introducing people with this magical place – Latvia – is my passion. It gives me so much joy to meet amazing people and give the best experience possible. Only by giving, you are able to receive more than you already have!  

-Eva Sokolovska (founder of Bon Adventure)