What kind of treasures hide in Riga's inner courtyards?

All year round
2 hours
Materials to make a bracelet, snacks, herbal tea



What kind of treasures hide in Riga’s inner courtyards? Take a look in the cosy workshop of the Latvian jewellery artist @savdaba which is set up in an unusual apartment.

Treat yourself to a unique bracelet made out of natural stones that you pick out, relying on your senses. Trust and surprise yourself with the result!


While sipping a warm cup of tea, Mārīte will tell us a little bit about herself, her passion for stones and her workshop.
After the moment of relaxation the work begins. Marite believes that it is crucial to write your wishes. So we will write down what we wish the stone bracelet would bring us. Throughout centuries people have believed in the magical properties of stones and their ability of storing information within themselves.
Relying on your own intuition and liking you will be selecting stones for a bracelet that will be very personal and special. In the end, all participants will receive a booklet explaining the meaning of the stones you have picked.


  • Materials for one bracelet
  • Herbal tea
  • Snacks