Visit medieval castle ruins in Sigulda and learn the art of being a silversmith by making Namejs ring or pendant.

All year round
6 hours
Transportation, guide, entrance tickets in castle ruins, workshop, snacks



When travelling the world and spotting a Namejs ring on someone’s finger, you can be certain: either this individual is Latvian or has been in Latvia at some point. Spend amaizing day exploring Sigulda castle ruins and about 3.5 hours at the Baltic Jewelry Workshop. It will not only give you the opportunity to learn the art of being a silversmith but also make a unique souvenir from Latvia that will be your companion on all your travels.

Every 3rd Latvian is a proud owner of a Namejs ring, both women and men wear it. There is a famous legend about it, and it is even transformed into a movie.


We will pick you up from your accommodation in Riga centre and spend approximately 40-minutes driving to one of the most popular cities in Latvia- Sigulda. Once we’re there, we will begin with a short excursion in Sigulda Castle ruins. Sigulda Castle was built back in 1207 and today it serves as a beautiful venue for concerts and festivals. After exploring the ancient Sigulda Castle, the stunning views of the valley and taking gorgeous photos we will be going to a workshop hosted by “Baltu Rotas”. 

“Baltu Rotas” is a family-run jewellery designer company with more than 25 years of experience. Their passion is to find amazing symbols and motifs in ancient jewellery and turn them into up-to date designs. 

In the workshop, you will be greeted by an experienced silversmith, who will also guide you through the making of either a ring or a pendant, which you will be able to put around your neck.
It will take around 3 hours to make it. No worries, hot drinks and snacks will keep you energised. 
Afterwards, you will be taken home with a pitstop in Sigulda to take some more photos with your new souvenir!


  • Transportation/ driver/ tour guide
  • Workshop
  • Entrance ticket in Sigulda castle ruins
  • Snacks, tea and coffee